What devices is TrimAlly available on?

TrimAlly is available on both iOS and Android devices. Sorry there are no plans at the minute to include Windows devices.

How do I register?

Use the app to register via email/password, Facebook or via Google. The first time you register you will be asked for certain information, such as Gender/Experience Level that the app needs to function. Then you will also be given the option to update your profile by entering other informations such as Bio, Goals. 

Make sure you enter this information and keep it up to date as other users will be viewing this when choosing a workout. 

How do I find my local gym?

There are two options, depending on where you are and if you have granted network location permission. When you choose 'Workout Location' you will be shown a Google Maps window. Start typing your gym name and Google should auto-complete this and return your gym.

Alternatively, use the 'Nearby Gyms' page to find gyms within a 3 mile radius of your current location.

Note that to ensure workout locations match, all locations are returned via Google. If your desired gym isn't being found, then get in contact so we can help.

What fields are mandatory to schedule a workout?

When searching for a workout, you only need to enter workout location and date. When posting a workout you need to fill out location, date, time and type/subtype of the workout.

What is a Private workout?

A Private workout can only be seen by you and does not appear in any other searches. It is a way for you to track your own workouts. Note that this feature is only available for Premium subscribers.

How can I share my workout with others?

You cannot currently share a specific workout with others, this is something we are looking to add in a later version. However you can share the app with your friends via the Share button in the app.

How many people can I train with in one session?

The current limitation is that you can only approve one partner per workout, this should cover the majority of workouts but if its a heavily requested feature we will look to revisit this in the future. Let us know if you think this is useful.

How can I report abuse from another user?

TrimAlly is a zero-tolerance platform. If your receive abuse or threats through the app, use the in-app 'Report User' button on the messages screen. This will remove you from the workout and flag the user so follow up action can be taken.